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I had a good friend at NORML lite me up without flame and it was the best tasting bud I ever had. 
I will be sporting one of these. HEre is a link for a cheap price
Ok. Christopher Walken is my favorite actor. I like his roles when he plays a weirdo (like every movie he does). 
This is a bit hard to find, but here are my 2 favorite SNL Christopher Walken skit.
The first one cool, but the second one was considered too offensive to include on his DVD SNL Best of Walken. 
For some reason the fact he reads it kind of badly doesn't hurt it, it's funnier. 



This is a real news story from today****. 
Here is a video of how my stoner friends and me will be handling the situation when it gets to my area.

I first saw the zombie attack in Miami story and thought the news would not be reporting it , but wow they have blasted it everywhere.
I'm pulling the details to the story, it's too gross for my site. 
There is plenty of info on the internet now regarding this story. 
Someone sent me pictures of the victim and that's when I bailed. Disturbing. 
Like the ping pong ball show in Thailand, some things you can't un-see. 
MY stoner senses are kicking up on both these movies. Get blazed up with some friends and take a night out for the movies.

The first movie: 
WAtch the trailer!  AWESOME ********

The Second movie : 
SAftey Not Guaranteed /
Looks really funny, quirky. 

Also as a professional stoner a must is snack smuggling, I personally enjoy bringing in my own large fountain drink and my snacks can range from BK burger or philly steak sandwich to donuts. The smuggling run past a zit faced, nerd guarding the entrance isn't always a cake walk. But stoned -its so much fun. 
I was once told by the girl behind the window handing out the tickets -
I smelled like a hambuger as she eyeballed me to see if I blinked, I casually told her it was my cologne from Paris called Ode to Cheeseburger. 
I've also pretend I was retarded to get free popcorn and tried to hire the midget tearing tickets to join my comedy show. 
This one is about a guy who puts and ad in the paper looking for a partner to go back in time AGAIN. lol 

If your open minded and enjoy exploring topics that directly effect all of us stoners. Enjoy the following subject & talk. 
Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything [Paperback]Joshua Foer is a pretty facinating subject for me -a lifetime stoner.
Memory Palace! 

I was going through a book store and I saw a title on a book that caught my eye "Me TAlk pReTty OnE dAy".  I picked it up and read about 2 chapters lol the whole time and to put a date on the when I did this LOL was not around yet. 
I've been a fan every since of the writings of David Sedaris. 
Here is my favorite Christmas story. He has many others and I've probably read more of his essays,stories, & books than any other author. 
I'm torn about posting this as it has no ties to cannabis or comedy which is definitely my focus. But I'd like to share some talks and experiences I run across online that make an impact on me as a person. 
This talk makes a point out of what is really important to you in your relationships. I try to use this video to remind me how lucky I am and who is important to me in my life. 
Feel free to comment if you think the video is too far off topic. 
I'm posting this kind of story as YOUR LIFE 101 so you can skip these if your looking just for 420 topics. 
Thanks ! Max 

Max Random has been a medical cannabis user for 31 years for Swyer James syndrome & asthma. He fully supports legalization for the most beneficial plant in the world CANNABIS.He also supports all of the states that are fighthing to open