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I would like to write this next BLOG post with the spirit  of Hunters words bouncing around my brain after a night drinking  scotch, good weed, and viewing the Rum Diaries as Hunter Would have enjoyed viewing it. 

By enjoying a nice hand rolled sativa in the parking lot, a flask full of 12 year Glenlivet Scotch, and a couple of friends to navigate to the right theater door of the 22 cinema.  

I "Highly" recommend you see it. I would describe it as an adventure. I loved the entire ride. Giovanni Ribisi (how dare spell check say thats wrong) steals the scenes he's in and I'm not spoiling this movie by talking and sharing any of my favorite scenes.
 A lot of the scenes are swirling in my head as I have my coffee and try to get my brain to think about who I'm going to smoke up and take to see it again this week. 
Don't think seeing this on a TV is the same as a big screen theater. Buy your ticket and a trough of soda so you have something to mix with your Rum. Settle in to ride next to Hunter drinking, and trying to figure out what is going on around him. I will share my favorite line and it's so early Hunter  when discussing greed and corrupt people in Puerto Rico - "Can you smell that? It smells like bastards." 
See this fucking movie.

I'm drawn to the writing of real individuals who also live by there own set of rules. HUNTER defiantly lived by his own rules. 
 Absolutely Nothing in Moderation!  

This guy should be arrested for stealing -every scene he was in. 
HBO's Bored To Death. 

One of the best comedies out there, it's well written and everyone on it smoking pot is hilarious and yet at the same time - really believable. My biggest complaint about most stoner movies is how many actors can't act stoned. 
Here is a clip of the guys getting high during a stake out. 

If you haven't checked out yet start with the first season and catch up to the one running now. 
Last night, against my own will I was forced to watch an episode of the TV reality show Survivor. Personally I think the title is misleading since they don't arm anyone or allow the killing of anyone. I think the title refers to fans of the show- who watch it constantly and don't take their own lives.
The last challenge the winning team was offered a night to go to a place to be shown the new Adam Sandler movie "Jack and Jill". So basically there was no winners. The clips to this movie leave me asking the question - WHY ADAM WHY?  The clips are horrible.  Didn't Eddie Murphy teach you anything about bad movie choices. Please stop making bad comedy rip offs for the studios. 

PLeASE , I beg you. They don't make weed strong enough to laugh at this stuff. 
I digress. 
Ok so as I'm packing up my guitar someone me stops me and asked if I was in a band. So I laid out the Max Random show and they handed me a phone number and said call this guy , they hire a guitar player for a Friday night at their members only club. So I call and get booked to play the AOH club in Bristol PA.
Now they have no idea who I am and me the same but I don't want to look it up because I like the excitement of it all "the Not knowing part". 

I get my back up guitar player Chris Landy in on joining me in playing and we head out to find it. 
At first everyone was looking at me and busting my stones for not being an Irish music act as it turns out the club is the oldest Irish club in the country. 
I started out and about 4 songs in they were singing LOLA by the kinks cover with me and I had them for the next 3 hours. 
It was awesome. What a great group of guys! 

Max Random has been a medical cannabis user for 31 years for Swyer James syndrome & asthma. He fully supports legalization for the most beneficial plant in the world CANNABIS.He also supports all of the states that are fighthing to open