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Here are two movies filmed in ROTOSCOPE, a crazy half animated / half live action movies. They are both directed by Richard Linklater. I rate both as awesome and should be on any stoners movie list. A must see experience when baked up. 

It's crazy , it's wild. All the actors involved nail the drug fueled discussions as if they actually used drugs at one time in their life. Woody Harrelson, Robert Downey , & Rory Corchran. Spark up and enjoy this one. Comment after you see it. 

MOVIE Plot-America has lost the war on drugs. Substance D, a powerful drug causing bizarre hallucinations, has swept the country. In response, the government develops an invasive, high-tech surveillance system and a network of undercover informants.

Plot  Waking Life is about an unnamed[2] young man living an ethereal existence that lacks transitions between everyday events and that eventually progresses to a state of self-reflective lucidity. For most of the film he observes quietly but later participates actively in philosophical discussions involving other characters—ranging from quirky scholars and artists to everyday restaurant-goers and friends—about such issues as metaphysics,free willsocial philosophy, and the meaning of life. Other scenes do not even include the protagonist's presence, but rather, show an isolated person or couple speaking about such topics from a disembodied perspective. Along the way, the film touches also upon existentialismsituationistpolitics, posthumanity, the film theory of André Bazin, and lucid dreaming, and makes references to various celebrated intellectual and literary figures by name.

Another great show on cannabis medicine and how things work. 
Enjoy! Max 
As stoner chicks go , these girls are awesome. 
Nothing high tech about these two, but they are pure stoner girl funny. 
Give a watch of their show and comment up if you like it. 
I want these girls at my next party. 
The cool Cat in the Hat

By  Max Random

the rain comes down and things are cold, cold & wet

Comes a knock on my door ,and appears a lost pet

I answer the door and to my complete surprise

A cat in the hat announces out loud “I have arrived”

In each hand appears an overstuffed bag

He pushed his way in my response was quiet lagged

Oh this simply will not due this dull & dreary mood

Open up the bar lets get nice and stewed

He openly asked me -

Would you, could you, with bong

Could you would you all day long?

But yes of course I would if we had choice greenery

The Cat agreed it would much improve this scenery

He got out his cell phone making it his priority

Locating some  sticky green kush was his line of inquiry

No sooner did he hang up and put down his cell

When a van pulled up and then rang out the door bell

The cat rushed to open the door before I could react

Thing one , thing two shot in the door with a bong packed

I had never smoked from a bong

or hit after hit all day long

The cat in the hat purred -

If you never did, you should -

These things are fun and fun is good.

Thing one thing two didn’t hesitate

They breathed in deep and exhaled great

Soon it was at last my turn

Thing one thing two chanted burn burn burn

The green mist rushed & gushed over my lips

Both thing one & two watched totally transfixed

While we played one and all a fun game of puff puff pass

I must admit I was glad to meet the cool cat in the hat at long long last.

(No cats or hats, or bongs, or things were hurt while writing this story,
have fun and remember no guts no glory)
Max Random 

I'm very proud to be a stoner. Here is some "RANDOM" fun- me and my friends put together to explain a little 
about the Max Random show & how it got started. 
I'm not the wake N bake type. I enjoy smoking after my day is over or for social occasions. First and foremost I smoke for a rare birth defect I have leaving me with one lung and limited breathing capacity with Asthma. Small amounts of clean medical grade cannabis open up my bronchial tubes and allow me to breath un-labored breaths deep down into my lung. No prescription has ever worked without horrible side effects. I don't mind using a natural herb to alleviate my condition. I do think that people should have the right to use Mary Jane for whatever purpose suits them. Medically it was used for over 200 different ailments in all the medical books until they were stripped down for the 1938 laws, including Asthma. I don't need anyone to tell me I breath better and I'm coping with battling the side effects Mary Jane gives me like -feeling awesome with increased appetite, and getting the best nights sleep ever. But I'm doing the best I can. 
Legalize it and stop making ordinary, hard working citizens criminals.  Thanks! Max  
I found a rocking site if your looking to find a dispensary. 
Wow, I was blown away. 
Then as a super added bonus they have a great show -WEEDVENTURES
Meet GIL(picture on left). He travels the world and is a CANNABIS CONNOISSEUR OF THE "HIGHEST" CALIBER. He is the only one in 31 years I would rank over me in knowledge & professionalism. If you smoke and you don't drool while watching his show -it's because you fell asleep, and you still run a chance of drooling.

Oh yeah -GET THE APP! 
A medical marijuana dispensary is a place where you can legally go in different states to get a Cannabis prescription filled. 
I decided to post a video shot by the BBC becuase you really have to go outside of the United States to get UNBIASED reporting on anything these days. England and other countries in the EU are also fighting for the right to use Cannabis for medicine along with the rest of the world. 

As a side note : Stephen Deangelo is one of the United States Hero's and my proposal for FREEDOM FIGHTER OF THE YEAR. 

 Legalizing Cannabis in my opinion would stop making sick & dying people criminals.

Max Random has been a medical cannabis user for 31 years for Swyer James syndrome & asthma. He fully supports legalization for the most beneficial plant in the world CANNABIS.He also supports all of the states that are fighthing to open