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MY stoner senses are kicking up on both these movies. Get blazed up with some friends and take a night out for the movies.

The first movie: 
WAtch the trailer!  AWESOME ********

The Second movie : 
SAftey Not Guaranteed /
Looks really funny, quirky. 

Also as a professional stoner a must is snack smuggling, I personally enjoy bringing in my own large fountain drink and my snacks can range from BK burger or philly steak sandwich to donuts. The smuggling run past a zit faced, nerd guarding the entrance isn't always a cake walk. But stoned -its so much fun. 
I was once told by the girl behind the window handing out the tickets -
I smelled like a hambuger as she eyeballed me to see if I blinked, I casually told her it was my cologne from Paris called Ode to Cheeseburger. 
I've also pretend I was retarded to get free popcorn and tried to hire the midget tearing tickets to join my comedy show. 
This one is about a guy who puts and ad in the paper looking for a partner to go back in time AGAIN. lol 
Last night, against my own will I was forced to watch an episode of the TV reality show Survivor. Personally I think the title is misleading since they don't arm anyone or allow the killing of anyone. I think the title refers to fans of the show- who watch it constantly and don't take their own lives.
The last challenge the winning team was offered a night to go to a place to be shown the new Adam Sandler movie "Jack and Jill". So basically there was no winners. The clips to this movie leave me asking the question - WHY ADAM WHY?  The clips are horrible.  Didn't Eddie Murphy teach you anything about bad movie choices. Please stop making bad comedy rip offs for the studios. 

PLeASE , I beg you. They don't make weed strong enough to laugh at this stuff. 
I digress. 

Max Random has been a medical cannabis user for 31 years for Swyer James syndrome & asthma. He fully supports legalization for the most beneficial plant in the world CANNABIS.He also supports all of the states that are fighthing to open