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I'm very proud to be a stoner. Here is some "RANDOM" fun- me and my friends put together to explain a little 
about the Max Random show & how it got started. 
I'm not the wake N bake type. I enjoy smoking after my day is over or for social occasions. First and foremost I smoke for a rare birth defect I have leaving me with one lung and limited breathing capacity with Asthma. Small amounts of clean medical grade cannabis open up my bronchial tubes and allow me to breath un-labored breaths deep down into my lung. No prescription has ever worked without horrible side effects. I don't mind using a natural herb to alleviate my condition. I do think that people should have the right to use Mary Jane for whatever purpose suits them. Medically it was used for over 200 different ailments in all the medical books until they were stripped down for the 1938 laws, including Asthma. I don't need anyone to tell me I breath better and I'm coping with battling the side effects Mary Jane gives me like -feeling awesome with increased appetite, and getting the best nights sleep ever. But I'm doing the best I can. 
Legalize it and stop making ordinary, hard working citizens criminals.  Thanks! Max  
Ok. In the last 2 years I have learned how to play the guitar. Wrote a 4 hour show. Practiced it all over the placed. Rocked the open mics. Then played my first show and that rocked too.

 I'm a year ahead of my goals for performing out. 2012 I want to tour. I'm getting invites to play from all over the place on FACEBOOK.  I have no idea what I'm doing , except for when I'm on stage being the Ring Master for one of my comedy music shows (secretly they are my parties disguised as a comedy show!) 
My latest idea is adding an element of ROCKY HORROr to my shows. I want people to dress up in animal costumes like rabbits, dogs, cats, MAX RANDOMLY of course. This would be for my enjoyment as I would like to play for a room full of furries.  
The Donnie Darko Bunny Frank is the show mascot and makes an apperance during the show. So why not make him feel at home? 

Here is a link to my first RADIO INTERVIEW , thanks to SMOKIE KUSH for such a cool experience of having guys get my comedy. Thanks SMOKIE!


Max Random has been a medical cannabis user for 31 years for Swyer James syndrome & asthma. He fully supports legalization for the most beneficial plant in the world CANNABIS.He also supports all of the states that are fighthing to open