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I'm very proud to be a stoner. Here is some "RANDOM" fun- me and my friends put together to explain a little 
about the Max Random show & how it got started. 
I'm not the wake N bake type. I enjoy smoking after my day is over or for social occasions. First and foremost I smoke for a rare birth defect I have leaving me with one lung and limited breathing capacity with Asthma. Small amounts of clean medical grade cannabis open up my bronchial tubes and allow me to breath un-labored breaths deep down into my lung. No prescription has ever worked without horrible side effects. I don't mind using a natural herb to alleviate my condition. I do think that people should have the right to use Mary Jane for whatever purpose suits them. Medically it was used for over 200 different ailments in all the medical books until they were stripped down for the 1938 laws, including Asthma. I don't need anyone to tell me I breath better and I'm coping with battling the side effects Mary Jane gives me like -feeling awesome with increased appetite, and getting the best nights sleep ever. But I'm doing the best I can. 
Legalize it and stop making ordinary, hard working citizens criminals.  Thanks! Max  
I love stoner movies! This one looks like a fun one. 
Adrian Brody looks crazy. 
From what i saw from the preview , they get it all right. 
Tom Hanks son is in it too. 
I'm not high watching the preview and that dam frog scene is already my favorite. 
See it - MAX 
Like all great stoner task I rolled a much needed salad for pre-gaming the movie. You can't see a 3-D stoner movie without being get me. Then  and this is the part I hate to say cause I'm over 20- I text'd all the stoners to see who  could get there ass to a theater in time to see it.  Scored a good friend to watch it and put the plan into motion. 
It all was going well. Got there in plenty of time. Smoked up after parking and then headed in to buy tickets before I was giggly. 
The first issue was the line out the door of the movies. After several incoherent "what's going on here" moments it was a made rush for the dancing penguin movie. And when they announced sold out there was some very unhappy , not dancing feet in front of us  stomping out of the theater in front of us about 11 people poured out and I felt mildly inconsiderate for beaming joy out when I said-2 for Harold and Kumar Christmas please. 
Ok. I'm not a spoiler. I'm not telling you all the cool shit that happened all through the movie in 3 D that was just for every retard there to enjoy. It was like having your parents actually know what you like and having them give you pot and put this on. 
I don't want to be biased or anything since I toke so here goes........If you could combine Ghandi, Dances with wolves, and Titanic with Santa Claus it could not of been better. 
Get cool 420 friends.
Get stoned.
And see Harold & Kumar's Christmas Movie in the theaters while you still can , and you have to see it in 3 D mofo's. Feel Free to thank me later! 

Max Random has been a medical cannabis user for 31 years for Swyer James syndrome & asthma. He fully supports legalization for the most beneficial plant in the world CANNABIS.He also supports all of the states that are fighthing to open