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Lets eat some brownies!

Ok. When I see Pot Brownie recipes they were always so complex. 

Like girls , I like recipes that are easy. 

Here is a great EASY way I make MAX RANDOM BROWNIES.
                              (*WARNING** These are really fun with friends)
Here is what you need:
I box of brownie mix
A quarter ounce of regular weed (7 Grams)
2 pyrex glass bowl (if your using a microwave) 
potatoe masher
A fine mesh metal kitchen strainer (I bought one at the super market baking isle just for brownies)  

Every brownie mix uses vegetable oil.  
  1. You take the buds and break them all up for smoking. 
  2. Then you put all of it, stems , seeds, & buds in the pyrex dish. 
  3. Saturate it with enough oil to cover all the buds. 
  4. Use the masher to make sure they soak up all the oil
  5. They microwave them on high for 3:30 minutes or until they pop and let off steam. The buds will be dark to black when done. 
  6. Pour through the strainer pressing out all the oil with the masher.
When the oil cools you can see a tinge of green in it now. These are the trapped THC crystals. 
Now just follow the brownie directions using the oil you just made. 
For an added touch squeeze in extra herseys chocolate or put chocolate chips sprinkled on top when you pour them into the pan to bake them. If you under bake them 5 minutes they are fudge like. 
Cut them into 12 Brownies.
I would recommend one for occasional smokers. 
Guys who bake every day or really fat people - 1.5 - 2 brownies
If your both your on your own. 
 if you make them email me with your stories, praises, or whatever -or comment your story........ 
ALICE & THE BROWNIES: In 2009 I hosted a radio show -the 420 Punk Show. It was a party on the air is the best way to describe it. I invited all the intellectual party friends I had at the time. We were a wild fun bunch. We talked about drugs, UFO's , Alien Anal probing, lesbians had a segment , comedy with a Gonzo edge. It was chaotic and I think there are still links on this site for a few of the 7 shows. 

One of the stories I researched was the true Alice B. Toklas brownie recipe and who was this famous hippy they made a movie about (I love you Alice B. Toklas with Peter Sellers)and tributed pot brownies to. 

I've reprinted the real story from a great website -Alice B. Toklas brownies: & the original recipe  !

Dear Cecil:

What does Alice B. Toklas have to do with Alice B. Toklas brownies, anyway?

— Judy Prisoc, Chicago

Dear Judy:

About as much as she had to do with The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas--which is to say, not much. The 1933 "autobiography" was actually written by Gertrude Stein, Toklas's lifelong companion and one of the legendary figures of the Parisian literary scene in the first half of the twentieth century. Similarly, the recipe for marijuana-laced brownies (actually it was a brownielike hashish fudge) that appeared in the 1954 Alice B. Toklas Cook Book wasn't Toklas's own but rather that of a wiseacre painter friend named Brion Gysin.

It all started when Alice signed a contract with Harper's to write a cookbook in 1952. She was a pretty fair cook, but what Harper really hoped to get (and what by and large it got) was not so much recipes but tales of her life with Gertrude Stein, who had died in 1946.

With the deadline only a few months away, Toklas, then in her mid-70s, found herself half a book shy. So she began soliciting recipes from her artsy friends. Gysin came up with "Haschich Fudge, which anyone could whip up on a rainy day." By way of introduction he gushed, "This is the food of Paradise.... it might provide an entertaining refreshment for a Ladies' Bridge Club or a chapter meeting of the DAR.... Euphoria and brilliant storms of laughter; ecstatic reveries and extensions of one's personality on several simultaneous planes are to be complacently expected. Almost anything Saint Theresa did, you can do better." The active ingredient in the fudge was what Gysin called "canibus sativa," more familiarly known as marijuana.

Alice, unfamiliar with "canibus" (at least as spelled by Gysin) and lacking the time to test the recipes, stuck her friend's contribution into her manuscript and sent it off to the publisher. The editors at Harper's spotted the suspicious ingredient and held the recipe out, but the publisher of the British edition didn't. The press promptly went nuts. Tittered Time: "The late Poetess Gertrude (Tender Buttons) Stein and her constant companion and autobiographee, Alice B. Toklas, used to have gay old times together in the kitchen. Some of the unique delicacies that were whipped up will soon be cataloged ... in a wildly epicurean tome ... which is already causing excited talk on both sides of the Atlantic. Perhaps the most gone concoction (and also possibly a clue to some of Gertrude's less earthly lines) was her hashish fudge."

Alice, a believer to the end in her friend's genius, was incensed that anyone should think it was artificially fueled. Still, as her friend Thorton Wilder told her, the recipe was the publicity stunt of the year and the expurgated American version of the cookbook received wide and generally respectful notice. Just so you can see what all the fuss was about, here's the recipe:

"Take 1 teaspoon black peppercorns, 1 whole nutmeg, 4 average sticks of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon coriander. These should all be pulverized in a mortar. About a handful each of stone dates, dried figs, shelled almonds and peanuts: chop these and mix them together. A bunch of canibus sativa can be pulverized. This along with the spices should be dusted over the mixed fruit and nuts, kneaded together. About a cup of sugar dissolved in a big pat of butter. Rolled into a cake and cut into pieces or made into balls about the size of a walnut, it should be eaten with care. Two pieces are quite sufficient. Obtaining the canibus may present certain difficulties.... It should be picked and dried as soon as it has gone to seed and while the plant is still green."

Cecil must sternly advise that you shouldn't try this at home. If you do anyway, at least you won't have to worry about the munchies.

— Cecil Adams

I stumbled over this while I was getting directions to TEXAS for FWEEDOM FEST this weekend, but it's too good to wait. 

Arjan is a premier cannabis breeder in Amsterdam. He own's one of the most famous of the Dutch coffee houses & seed merchant -GREEN HOUSE , I was in there back in 89 for the first time. But I did not meet Arjan until the 8TH HIGHT TIMES Cannabis Cup in 95. He was giving lectures at that cannabis cup on cuttings and selective breeding techniques by the Dutch Masters. 
He was very gracious with answering questions and talking with all of the judges all week when I saw him out and about at all the events. Green House wins a lot of the cups for years and have acquired excellent strains. 

My favorite story was the trip taken by NEVILLE(story about him to come) to aftganistan to bring back HINDU KUSH & a pure AFGHANI strain (half of skunk genes).
I couldn't believe my eyes to see what ARJAN has done. A reality show on the adventures. I'm so fucking jealous not to be on these trips! 
Check out his site and BTW it's open on 420! If you don't have an ACCOUNT. 
HERE IS THE WEBSITE FOR THE SHOW-ENJOY . I'm off to play my first weed festival. 

HAPPY 420! 
Max Random 
This post will be geared more for you intellectual stoners & you stoner philosophers to ponder.   

This is for me the best lecture I have ever sat through.  He is an Author who writes likes a great books about our food. He is not a pot activist. 
Wikipedia list this book Author as-  Michael Pollan (born February 6, 1955)[citation needed] is an American author, journalist, activist, and professor of journalism at theUC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.[1] A 2006 New York Times book review describes him as a "liberal foodie intellectual."[2]I stumbled upon this youtube lecture he gave at UCLA after his book was released "Cannabis, The Importance of Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire". 
He makes a great point of how much do we need to remember and what would be the purpose of forgetting. 
Here is an honest documentary about Marijuana. If a loved one you know suffers from pain or is going through any form medical condition and is being told Marijuana could help them. 
Have them see this documentary. 
This god dam show is so funny it's replaced weeds as my favorite show to smoke up and watch. OMG. You got to see it. Here are some clips from the Aussie Version. Thank god they had the sense to bring JASON GANN the creator of the show and the dog in the show. 

Here is a link to WILFRED & his TED.
If you like it , make sure to comment your favorite lines. 


Max Random has been a medical cannabis user for 31 years for Swyer James syndrome & asthma. He fully supports legalization for the most beneficial plant in the world CANNABIS.He also supports all of the states that are fighthing to open