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Ok. In the last 2 years I have learned how to play the guitar. Wrote a 4 hour show. Practiced it all over the placed. Rocked the open mics. Then played my first show and that rocked too.

 I'm a year ahead of my goals for performing out. 2012 I want to tour. I'm getting invites to play from all over the place on FACEBOOK.  I have no idea what I'm doing , except for when I'm on stage being the Ring Master for one of my comedy music shows (secretly they are my parties disguised as a comedy show!) 
My latest idea is adding an element of ROCKY HORROr to my shows. I want people to dress up in animal costumes like rabbits, dogs, cats, MAX RANDOMLY of course. This would be for my enjoyment as I would like to play for a room full of furries.  
The Donnie Darko Bunny Frank is the show mascot and makes an apperance during the show. So why not make him feel at home? 

Here is a link to my first RADIO INTERVIEW , thanks to SMOKIE KUSH for such a cool experience of having guys get my comedy. Thanks SMOKIE!



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