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I would like to write this next BLOG post with the spirit  of Hunters words bouncing around my brain after a night drinking  scotch, good weed, and viewing the Rum Diaries as Hunter Would have enjoyed viewing it. 

By enjoying a nice hand rolled sativa in the parking lot, a flask full of 12 year Glenlivet Scotch, and a couple of friends to navigate to the right theater door of the 22 cinema.  

I "Highly" recommend you see it. I would describe it as an adventure. I loved the entire ride. Giovanni Ribisi (how dare spell check say thats wrong) steals the scenes he's in and I'm not spoiling this movie by talking and sharing any of my favorite scenes.
 A lot of the scenes are swirling in my head as I have my coffee and try to get my brain to think about who I'm going to smoke up and take to see it again this week. 
Don't think seeing this on a TV is the same as a big screen theater. Buy your ticket and a trough of soda so you have something to mix with your Rum. Settle in to ride next to Hunter drinking, and trying to figure out what is going on around him. I will share my favorite line and it's so early Hunter  when discussing greed and corrupt people in Puerto Rico - "Can you smell that? It smells like bastards." 
See this fucking movie.

I'm drawn to the writing of real individuals who also live by there own set of rules. HUNTER defiantly lived by his own rules. 
 Absolutely Nothing in Moderation!  

This guy should be arrested for stealing -every scene he was in. 


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