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Ok. Here is a true story of one night out with Max Random many moons ago. 

So a few years back there is this rumored to be a Mafia owned bar. A friend of a friend shares it's got great Italian food. It's in Philadelphia in a not a great neighborhood but i'm up for some adventure, so I take my girlfriend at the time and her best friend to get dinner and drinks there just to say we ate there and try it out.  We do the usual dress up for it, and and in the parking lot we smoke up a rather nice hand rolled Indica. 
So we are pretty baked going into the place.  

When we arrive there is some crazy ass people drinking after work, total blue collar crowd, mixed bag of assholes and I'm with a couple of smoking girls so I'm already like this is going to be really fun. 

There playing rap songs playing on the CD juke box and there is my  bartender friend rolling his eyes and apoligising to the gilrs for the crowd that's really being obnoxious. So I look around the room and I get an idea. 

I go to the juke box. Any mob bar worth it's salt has Dean Martin on the juke box. So I smile to myself and put in 5 bucks and play the whole Dean Martin's greatest hits album. 

I casually go back to the bar and tell the girls- fuck these people watch what happens when my music kicks in, I'll clear this place out. So as the last song before mine is winding down a girl in the crowd starts a scene with her boyfriend.

She's puerto rican with a bleech bloind wig and to be fair she's a really hot tramp. Her 6 foot something african boyfriend is trying to keep her with him while she is flirting with other drunks which starts her to say at the top of her voice "Fuck you , your nothing but Ghetto, you will never be anything but ghetto, that's all you are able to be is Ghetto mother fucker!" As this songs spins into play ......

Everyone in the place broke up and talked about it while our dinner was being served to the wonderful ambiance of my favorite Italian singer Dean Martin. 
Max Random 



05/24/2014 7:24am

Dean Martin is everybody's favorite. It’s been nearly ten years since Dean Martin departed this earth, but the man’s stature as an artist and icon continues to grow. Thanks for the true story.


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