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 I want to point out a great new show- AMERICAN HORROR STORY.  My favorite part is it's for adults! Cursing , hot sexual situations, finally. 
Really creepy, original horror show that is fun to watch. Most shows in the past follow a formula that all haunted house stories follow. A loving couple move into a house and have no idea that it's haunted and yes that happens here. But right away it mixes strange things into the plot. The neighbors retarded girl is always showing up and creeps the fuck out of them by breaking into there house all the time. This is one of my favorite parts is they try to reason with the retarded girl by asking Haddy not to walk into there house. I personally would of tried hitting her with a rolled up newspaper and if that didn't work I think pepper spray would keep a retard out of my house. But I digress. 
Watch this one. I don't like spoiling too much and if you want one more thing to bait you to watch it - they have a gimp suit they find in the house that takes on a life of it's own. 
Watch it and comment if you like it. 


12/02/2011 5:12pm

That show is weird, just straight up weird. If adults complain of TV spoiling kids minds, this show will definitely spoil the adult mind.
Apparently the woman (vivian?) had sex with the gimp suit while the dude was downstairs putting the stove on? HUH

09/20/2014 11:27am

I think this is one of those "for fun only" quizzes and should be viewed as such.


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