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Don't hold anything in your hand while you watch this!
I don't know what happened out there in TV shows , but thank Christ for someone getting it right. 
I'm watching the first episode with my buddy and I'm not stoned btw, and I have a hot cup of tea in my hand and I jumped and threw hot tea on myself. I don't really jump in a movie, much less a TV show. And my first words after this happened were "motherfucker scared me! " 
This fucking show got me 3 times and the story was really clever. Lots of development in the first show. I will be sticking with this one and see if it continues to be fun to watch. 
It does something a show on TV dealing with supernatural beings has to do- Actually kill people and it does, pretty viciously by TV standards. 
They had my favorite guy from my Name is Earl , I don't know his name but he played (ok , i looked it up -Silas Weir Mitchell is an American actor known for playing disturbing or unstable characters.) Donny "Crazy Eyes" Jones. He fits the show well too. 
He was in it as a warboton(WereWolf).  
Watch it, and don't hold any beverages in your hand that stain carpet or clothing. 


12/03/2011 5:22am

Ok. I bailed on this one after the 3rd episode.
It got into a whole conspiracy thing that was kind of silly for me.
I liked the first episode a lot.

I don't want any Kool cats out there thinking I still follow this one.
Max Random


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