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This show has a lot of buzz so I'm not Magellan here, but just wanted to share EVERYONE i know , weather you smoke pot or not likes this show. But all the cool stoners really like this show. 
I'd like to thank Frank Miller of Sin City. I think he kicked off the graphic novels into movies. Since that and 300 made money all of a sudden there is a gold mine in gritty stories. I'm not sure why this zombie movie is so good, but it is. I think it's more survival in a realistic way then the shoot'em up ones like Dawn of the dead. 
I like this one a lot. But now that I'm on the topic of Zombies my all time favorite movie is SHAWN OF THE DEAD. 
Get out the bong, invite over the friends and watch this one. 
Even the outtakes are a riot. If you haven't seen this you HAVE TOO! 
It's basically what you and your friends would really do if a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE , or should I say when it occurs. 
 This clip is the two slackers(80's term) find a zombie , but they have no idea that zombies are rising from the dead, and they think this girl is drunk. Watch this and tell me it doesn't remind you of someone you party with? 
Click here to see the beginning ************

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