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Here are two movies filmed in ROTOSCOPE, a crazy half animated / half live action movies. They are both directed by Richard Linklater. I rate both as awesome and should be on any stoners movie list. A must see experience when baked up. 

It's crazy , it's wild. All the actors involved nail the drug fueled discussions as if they actually used drugs at one time in their life. Woody Harrelson, Robert Downey , & Rory Corchran. Spark up and enjoy this one. Comment after you see it. 

MOVIE Plot-America has lost the war on drugs. Substance D, a powerful drug causing bizarre hallucinations, has swept the country. In response, the government develops an invasive, high-tech surveillance system and a network of undercover informants.

Plot  Waking Life is about an unnamed[2] young man living an ethereal existence that lacks transitions between everyday events and that eventually progresses to a state of self-reflective lucidity. For most of the film he observes quietly but later participates actively in philosophical discussions involving other characters—ranging from quirky scholars and artists to everyday restaurant-goers and friends—about such issues as metaphysics,free willsocial philosophy, and the meaning of life. Other scenes do not even include the protagonist's presence, but rather, show an isolated person or couple speaking about such topics from a disembodied perspective. Along the way, the film touches also upon existentialismsituationistpolitics, posthumanity, the film theory of André Bazin, and lucid dreaming, and makes references to various celebrated intellectual and literary figures by name.



05/09/2014 7:05pm

Great films! These other comments are terrifying...

Max random
05/09/2014 7:17pm

Thank you so much. I loved these and find not everyone knows them.

06/23/2014 11:22am

I find some comments crazy, but I kind of like crazy -- :)

08/09/2014 6:28am

Now and then I’ll stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.


Your article is very nice and can provide inspiration to readers...


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