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Finally after 

It took me a few months and lots of bong hits to get through it- but my new CD is finally done. 
Based on true stories, events & adventures it's a collection of dark humorous tales of my Americana. 

I had a lot of friends participate and some of the tracks have them singing and playing like Hits from the Bong, Living in a Cartoon World, My Monster. Probably some others I'm forgetting. 

There are 21 tracks in all and I still have about a dozen songs out there to record from my show like Hey Dad, Tweety Free Bird, and others. 
My favorite song is Stoned to the Bone which is about people not being able to reach me at times or the why you can't reach me at certain times.

I have a space alien thing I just can't get out of my head and there are several tracks spaced out on the CD. 
Space Cadet 420 is a headphone ride crafted with Greg Brady at 1311 Studio. We spent hours layering sounds & spatial qualities to give any stoner a cerebral experience. When we were all done I sparked up and gave it a ride. It's spot on what I was going for, the real test will be for you the listener to decide. 

And I wrote one of the songs after the masters were all done, but I had to get it on the CD.
THE PHONE CALL. My 420 friends all over will appreciate that song. I've actually gotten a lot of emails about that one already.

My songs are usually visions or dreams and come rather quickly. CT cutie was dreamt entirely and when I woke up I was so hungover I couldn't get up out of bed- So I texted the entire song to my nephew in Washington. I got through about half of the lyrics and he texted back "your an animal". 

GONZO is my tribute to HUNTER S. Thompson. He is a hero and a large inspiration for bringing my craziness to my stage show. 

The DEXTER MORGAN GOODBYE SONG is for his victims. If I was DEXTER I would want to torture my victim with a song I wrote-Hence this song was born. 

The Devils Backbone highway song is a true story. An adventure I took with Karli Duran of San Antonio NORML to find the old bar that Todd Snider Sang about. If you don't know Todd Snider please look him up. He is my favorite folk singer and storyteller. Anyway the song is inspired by events that happened that day. I will post some pictures from that day at the bottom of this post.

If you like what you hear please support the Max Random show! 
Thank you very much for being here on my site.
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