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I just finished a recording studio session and I'm pretty wired so I decided to add a blog entry about one of the best stoner movies out there. 
The Wackness , starring Sir Ben KIngsley, Josh Peck,Mary-Kate Olsen, Famke Janssen, and many more.

This is one of the rare works out there where everything works. The story , the acting, and most of all the weed references. 
For me I hate watching any movie that gets the details wrong like if I watch a western and on the horse is a saddle made in the 1960's and the movie is set in 1890. I'm weird like that, and in weed movies it happens all the time. Either the prices are crazy wrong, or the fake weed looks fake or they act crazy stoned in like 4 seconds. 
This movie was awesome, & they got it all right. The slam dunk is a crazy good soundtrack for the period piece that it is.
Watch this after a bong- and report your findings. 
Space Cadet 420 out....................



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