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       If you want to know where it all started boys and girls, way back in the 80's there was a man known as THE KING OF CANNABIS. 
He was a bit obsessive and found himself fascinated by how well you could cross breed marijuana strains and came up with the idea to start a mail order seed company to sell them. He traveled around the world and collected varieties in Afghanistan (for the skunkiest strains), Russia (for cold weather strains)  all over and started cross breeding the best of the best.   The catalogs were awesome and would make you drool at the strain descriptions, & pictures.  
The Sensi Seeds is the company as it is now, run by the famous in Cannabis culture- Ben Dronkers. 
I met Ben and was his guest along with Jack Herer, Micha (French Author that I know I'm spelling wrong-Sorry!)

Several Judges, & the High Times staff at the end of the 8th Cannabis Cup (Winner was whiteWidow)

Hash Museum is next door to the Sensi Seed Bank
I lucked out at the Hash museum earlier in the day and was given 2 tickets to the VIP PARTY, by someone who had interviewed me at High Times. It was a fluke of all flukes. 
We had just enough time to catch the bus to the Castle which was outside of Amsterdam a good 2 hour ride, or an hour. There was a bit of pot smoking going on and I can't be sure of the times reported here.

When we got there we were greeted by a host of belly dancers & flute players, and wenches serving beer & wine. A wonderful table spread of local dutch treats to eat. Cheeses & Kipper, meats, rolls . Everyone entered like you landed at the bottom of a rabbit hole and here was a castle of wonder- filled with 4 foot budding cannabis plants in every corner and lining the hallways. Surreal is an understatement. 

17th century wenches serving up silver trays to guest with bags of gram buds were given out and there were smoking devices & papers everywhere. 

I wandered up the stairway exploring the second floor and met Eagle Bill. Eagle Bill was showing everyone at this Cup his invention he called a VAPORIZER.  As Eagle Bill was explaining the concept to me and getting the heat gun ready to give me a hit- up the stairs walks Jack Herer. Now I'm thrilled. I had met Jack earlier in the week at the event but it was crazy and everyone was wanting his attention so we didn't talk much. He joined me in hitting the new invention. I took a small hit knowing that I'm a light weight. Jack didn't. He hit the thing really hard , and when he choked on the hit, the coughing went on and on -a bit too long and I had one stoned thought- "please god don't let Jack die smoking with me".  When he finally caught his breath , I was very relieved and we both went down the stairs and joined the party again.
Eagle Bill and his invention- The Vaporizer.
The Bulldog in the Leidesplein
Me with Jack Herer, a true mentor in every sense of the word.


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